High School

Highly motivated High School students have the option to graduate early and with a year of college credits!

Annoor Islamic High School prepares our students to be career and college ready when they graduate. We provide all core subjects (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) required for graduation. Students have the opportunity to take foreign language, Qur’an and Islamic Studies, Career and Technical Education (CTE), and more. We provide AP and honors courses for any qualifying students. 9th and 10th graders do ACT preparation along with taking the Pre-ACT both years. We also do continue ACT preparation for our 11th and 12th graders.

All AIS high school students are required to take a minimum of one credit of either Qur’an or Islamic Studies each year they are enrolled. These count as elective credits with the state. Students are able to focus on Qur’an to continue to develop mastery of Tajweed rules and increase their reading fluency and memorization. All of our secondary high school Qur’an teachers are Hafidh. They focus on Islamic studies taking more in-depth courses in Aqueedah, Fiqh, Hadith, Tafseer, and or Seerah, based on student interest.

Annoor has established a dual-credit system with Butler County Community College to allow our juniors and seniors the opportunity to take college courses while still in high school and therefore earn both college and high school credit simultaneously. This could allow our seniors to potentially have 30 college credits by the time they graduate. Our administration and staff work with students to develop an individualized plan of studies for students based on career and college interests. This allows students to take the appropriate electives towards their planned career path.

For extracurricular activities high school students can participate in Student Council (STUCO), yearbook club, and compete in the annual Science Olympiad. We also have an after-school Qur’an memorization (Hafidh) program.