Donate to AIS

Both public and private schools depend on donations. A large percentage of all religious and private schools operating budget comes from donations. By donating money to Annoor Islamic School, you will be giving our next generation of students a chance to continue having updated books, technology, experienced professional teachers, and other programs that enhance the educational experiences of Wichita’s youth. Many of Annoors’ programs benefit the community at large. Our youth frequently invites students not attending AIS to participate in their functions. Annoor is highly respected for our excellent test scores; we ranked one of the highest newly accredited schools when accepted for International AdvancED Accreditation.

We have many projects that need funding like Sponsor a Student, Feed a Child, our play ground project, PE program sponsorship, and the operational cost of lights and building maintenance. Marketing for school growth is ongoing. A recent focus is on security for the school and children. Annoor Islamic School needs fencing for the playground, especially between the highway and the school yard.

Charity is the third pillar of Islam and a major part of our Deen. Supporting Islamic education is considered Sadaqa Jaryia (a continuous charity in this life and in the hereafter) as you are contributing to their Islamic education.

Please help us stay open for many generations to come. Our community needs this fully accredited option for families seeking to offer superior academics in an Islamic based environment. We are committed to academic excellence and building the Islamic character traits that will result in the future leaders of our community. Be a part of building Wichita’s future!

Any size contribution will help. Jazak AllahKhariun!