AIS Strategic Plan


  • Exceed state standards on all standardized exams to continue performing as one of the top schools in the state.
  • Prepare students academically to ensure readiness for advanced-degree fields after graduation, with emphasis in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
  • Provide quality instruction with a comprehensive, aligned curriculum to promote higher level thinking.
  • Maintain small class sizes and teacher-student ratios.
  • Security focused: Provide a safe, bully and harassment-free educational environment where students may develop their Islamic identity while becoming academically prepared to lead our community into the future.
  • Maintain building and grounds to ensure safe and secure environment where children will learn and play.
  • Commit to excellence from preschool to high school.


  • Expand Tarbiyah and Quran, Islamic, and Arabic (QIA) program with an updated curriculum and staff development to ensure students memorize, learn and understand the Quran and instill Islamic character traits in their hearts.
  • Increase financial stability of the school by obtaining more diverse sources of income (ie Fundraisers, grants, student enrollment growth, review options for education foundation).
  • Budget for systematic growth.
  • Focus on staff development, engagement and retention to maintain the best educators.
  • Communicate to all stakeholders (Islamic community, staff, students, parents, ISW leadership, and Wichita community) to promote an understanding of the schools needs in all areas.
  • Build plans that focuses on promoting success.


  • Maintain obligation to provide additional services to all children in our community such as part-time Sunday QIA program and Quran memorization for students seeking to expand Islamic knowledge and Quranic memorization.
  • Collaborate with the community through school events such as Community Garden, PTO bake sales, Family Fun Night, Hajj Carnival, Spring Gala, Book Fairs (Scholastic and Islamic book fair) and enhancing community and school playground.
  • Promote diversity and long-term planning by allowing governance of school to include both AIS parents and individuals that do not have students benefiting from AIS