From the Principal

Asalamu alaikum,

Annoor Islamic School is a wonderful place to attend. We provide for all of your educational needs within an Islamic environment. Our school vision is “(Our Lord) Make us Leaders of the Righteous”. Students at Annoor learn Qur’an, Islamic Studies, and Arabic in order to have a full understanding of their Deen. In addition to these areas, students are pushed to achieve the highest levels of learning in all core academic subject areas: English, mathematics, science and social studies. Our three school wide goals are to prepare students to be committed balanced Muslims, knowledgeable scholars, and contributing citizens and community builders. We educate the whole child; they are nurtured physically, mentally and spiritually by attending Annoor Islamic School. Students finish Annoor with a strong Muslim identity, authentic Islamic knowledge, a close connection to the Book of Allah, as well as career and college ready for the 21st century. We are excited to have you join the Annoor Islamic School family.


Michael Barton
AIS Principal