Why Annoor?

#1 Worshipping Allah SWT and practicing the Quran is the foundation of the school. The curriculum revolves around worshiping only One God and to seek to become the best Muslim possible. The mission, vision, and goals of the school are all connected to being the best Muslim and community member possible.

#2 Parents are commanded to protect and educate their children. This is a fundamental right for children to be educated in a setting that allows for both academic and spiritual development.

#3 Annoor Islamic school shares your values and high expectations both religiously and academically. We hire qualified teachers, encourage Islamic character traits, and the expectation that your child will be one of the future leaders of our community.

#4 Children are safer due to stricter behavior policies; haram activities are not only forbidden but when the topics arise, they are discussed from an Islamic perspective. It is a safe place for students to figure out the confusing messages they receive daily from literature, society, and the media.

#5 Smaller classroom size means your child will have more time with the teacher. In larger public schools, well-behaved kids often find themselves being overlooked or ignored. At AIS, well-behaved students are praised and rewarded with greater opportunities to lead and grow.

#6 Academic Excellence at AIS is well documented. Our students excel both in their Islamic Character and academically. Our test score consistently exceeds state standards and national standards. Math and Science are strengths at AIS. We are nationally and state accredited through Cognia.

#7 Friendships with other Muslim peers increase the support network your child will have upon graduating. Surrounding yourself with others who do good is part of the Islamic guidance for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Our students form lifelong friendships, feel connected to our Masjid and community, and report in surveys that they plan to put their own children into the Islamic school. This is a great investment for your children and future grandchildren.