Staff Resources

AIS website – . Click on Staff Resources in Quick Link menu


1. Computer Login

  1. Computers in your class and staff lounge require login:    FirstTwoLettersOfFirstName.LastName
  2. Lab Computers Login: AIS.Grade


2. Teacherease 

To access:


3. Copier / Printer

There are 2 new copiers / printers available. Access Code is required to print and copy. Access Code and quota has been assigned for all the teachers. Please contact Sr. Semra for your code.

Copier Name: PR-001 – Location: Main Teacher’s Lounge
Copier Name: PR-002 –   Location: PreK Teacher’s Lounge for PreK Staff


4. Email

Google Workspace Access –

Ex. John Doe >

Please use AIS email address for all official communication. IT support will only respond to email request that comes from AIS email address.


5. Z Drive Access

All the Staff have a Z drive (which is a network drive on the computer) with 2 folders:
a. AIS_Office_Documentation
b. AIS_Staff_FirstName_LastName


6. Wireless Access

Wireless access to ICTMCC_AIS is only allowed for identified devices for School related work. To access the network, use your computer username and password.

Personal devices such as printers, cell phones, tablets, laptops, or any other device are not allowed and should be connected to the ICTMCC_Guest WiFi.


6. Any technology related Issues or problems

Contact Support – please send email to