1. Are you an accredited school?
    Yes, we are both state accredited by the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) ­and nationally accredited through Cognia
  2. Do you have certified teachers?
    Yes, all of our core teachers for English, Math, Science, & Social Studies are licensed in the state of Kansas. On rare occasions, we may have a teacher with a degree in his/her content area who is working to obtain his/her teaching license. Our Qur’an teachers for elementary, middle and high school all have ‘Ijaza in Qur’an, meaning that they are certified Hafidh. Our Arabic teachers are native Arabic speakers with many years of experience. Although, Kansas currently does not have a license for Islamic Studies, Arabic, or Qur’an.
  3. How long is the school day?
    School is from 7:50 until 3:50. This allows us to have a shortened schedule on Fridays so that we can attend Jummah and still have more than enough instructional time throughout the week. We also provide Latchkey for a small fee until 5:15 for parents who have to work late.
  4. Why do students learn Arabic?
    The Qur’an was revealed in the Arabic Language. Allah (SWT) says “Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an that you might understand”.  For Muslims, it is very important to have knowledge of the original language of revelation.
  5. Do you align with the public school curriculum?
    All accredited schools must follow the Kansas State College and Career Readiness Standards. We have the same math curriculum as the Wichita public schools. We have a brand new standards aligned language arts curriculum, along with science and social studies curriculum found in many Wichita schools (they are not unified on science and social studies curricula).
  6.  What is the admission process?
    Simply complete all application, health forms, and provide student records. Students starting new to AIS will have some placement tests to assess their current academic level.
  7. What is your student to teacher ratio/average class size?
    Currently, the average class size is 15 students per teacher. Our largest class is 19 students.
  8. What are your dress code requirements?
    All students must wear a uniform unless we have a special non-uniform day. Uniforms can be purchased at Parker School Uniform Store in Wichita, Kansas. Girls 5th grade and above must wear a white hijab when in uniform.
  9. Do you have any extra-curricular activities for students?
    We have an after-school Qur’an memorization “Future Hafidh” program, “Girls on the Run” (elementary and middle school), Student Council (middle and high school), Yearbook Club (middle and high school), and Science Olympiad (middle and high school). We also offer after-school tutoring for struggling students.
  10. Do you have financial aid available for tuition?
    Financial assistance is available for elementary through high school students for qualifying families. Applicants may submit their financial information to the school office for consideration.