It is a religious obligation that we provide an Islamic education for our children and an environment that nurtures their Islamic identity. Islam is not the majority way-of-life in America, so Islamic education falls on the parents and the Islamic community.

At Annoor Islamic School, we help our community and our families to fulfill this obligation. We provide an Islamic environment and teach the students to view the world from an Islamic perspective. Students are taught to conduct themselves as Muslims. Annoor provides a space where students can fully express their Islamic identity without fear of being bullied or hated for being Muslim. Our students connect to the Qur’an; they acquire authentic Islamic knowledge where they build Islamic character traits. Not only do they improve religiously, they are prepared to be successful academically and career and college ready when they leave Annoor. As Muslims, we must always choose to do what is pleasing to Allah (SWT). Putting our children in an Islamic school is a great way to please Allah!