Elementary school is one of the best moments of a childhood! At Annoor, your child will have phenomenal memories full of learning, laughter, and fun!

Our elementary school consists of kindergarten-5th grade. Students have a full day scheduled where students get all four core subjects (Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies) with their homeroom teacher. Students learn Qur’an, Arabic and Islamic Studies (QIA) with our QIA specialized teachers. Our school has the latest aligned language-arts curriculum for K-5th grade along with “Engage New York” for math. Elementary students utilize our newly refinished science lab for various experiments, the art room for art projects and the gym for physical education activities. AIS students consistently score above the state average in both reading and math. We have after-school tutoring available for any students who may be struggling in one or multiple subject areas. Students also work in our computer lab and at home with  “Lexia” to improve literacy. They also use “Mobymax” to work on math, science, and language arts.

Alhumdulillah, our students excel in QIA as well. Our students are able to read from anywhere in the Qur’an by second grade. The majority of our students memorize the 30th juz of the Qur’an by the time they finish 4th grade, if not sooner. Students learn about the pillars of Iman and Islam, how to practice Islam, and what a good Muslim character is composed of. Students learn Arabic vocabulary, practice speaking, reading, and writing in Arabic. They practice listening and understanding Arabic to better understand the Qur’an in its original form.

For extracurricular activities, we have an elementary “Girls on the Run” program where girls build a stronger self-body image, get exercise, and build character. We participate in Book-It, and we have our annual “Read-a-thon” in our school library. We also have an after-school Qur’an memorization (Hafidh) program. Our 4th graders have developed and maintained the Islamic Society of Wichita recycling program as part of community service.