From the BOE

A Message from the BOE

Assalaamu’Aleikum Wa Rahmato Allah Wa Baraketoho,

By the Grace of Allah, SWT, and with the help of our wonderful and dedicated staff, parents, and students Annoor Islamic School is doing extremely well both academically and spiritually. Our students are making significant growth all areas. We continue to make sure our students, the future leaders of our community, will excel in their future academic career and to become contributing Muslim citizens.

The task of instilling Islamic knowledge, personality, and a feeling of connection to the Quran is felt throughout the day in our classrooms. With the current political challenges, it is more important than ever to provide a safe welcoming environment for our students seeking to openly practice their Islamic religion while still benefiting from the up-to-date and challenging academic curriculum.

Alhumduallah, AIS is committed to providing an excellent education while nurturing their Muslim character. Please consider the gift of an Islamic education for your child or grandchild. We are always in need of community members to sponsor students with financial barriers.

Finally, the BOE and AIS administration is honored with the trust you have bestowed upon us in supporting the Academic and Islamic education of Wichita’s children.

We ask Allah SWT to help us succeed in our mission, Ameen.

Jazak Allah Khair,

Board of Education